Photo and QSL:
QSL from Republic of South Africa
QSL from Japan
Calvin Melen from Australia
Continental Electronics 418D-2 Shortwave Transmitter
QSL from Finland
QSL from German Democratic Republic
QSL from France
QSL from Netherlands
QSL from USA
QSL from New Zeland
QSL from ...
QSL from ...
QSL from Brasil
KYOI station 1982
Station KYOI
Talrep System
Photo by Vassiliy Kazachev
First "Voice" of Superrock KYOI, Doug Flodin
Doug Flodin passed away in 6 august 1984 and was replaced by Scott Kenyan (a.k.a. Benjamin Gall) as the English voice of KYOI.
Mariochan - Japanise announcer of KYOI.
QSL from USA.
Agingan Point
Antenna Field
Antenna Towers
KYOI - Radio Station
Station now
Super Rock KYOI & JOY
Before & now
Before & now

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